Episode 16: Creating a Shared Closet for Kids to Help Moms and Our Planet, with Lauren Gregor

May 4, 2021

There are so many things you don’t realize about being a parent until you are one — the insane exhaustion, the HUNDREDS of photos you take while they sleep in that funny position or how snacks can easily become meals! One of the biggest things that shocked me, was how much STUFF these tiny humans need. The bouncers, toys, books, bedding, diapers — it all becomes overwhelming and can seem never ending. Well, my guest today felt the same way and decided to DO SOMETHING about it. When Lauren Gregor realized that her two young boys were growing out of their clothes before she could even take the tags off, she knew there had to be a better way to help ease the stress on moms and the planet.

Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Rent-a-Romper (cutest name ever!), a rental clothing company for kids. Lauren aims to take the work, struggle and worry out of dressing your kids — which, who doesn’t want to sign up for that?! Lauren talks about how she grew up thinking that work had to be one specific way; you have a full time job, with benefits and security. She never thought she would start her own thing, until she was diving right in. We talk about the company’s trajectory, what is was like starting during COVID and how it was crucial to find consistency with clients. We end with her vision for this company, and the future of the clothing industry as a whole, as well as what keeps her motivated.

Since recording this episode, Lauren and Rent-a-Romper were selected to the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator (LACI) for start ups. This two year program will give her and the company the resources and support to grow even stronger and make a bigger impact on this planet and their customers!

Lauren was such an awesome guest and really made me think about the impacts we have with our day to day decisions. I know you will learn a lot from this and maybe even snag one of their adorable capsules. Be sure to check out their website, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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16. Creating a Shared Closet for Kids to Help Moms and Our Planet, with Lauren Gregor

Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Rent-a-Romper (cutest name ever!), a rental clothing company for kids. Lauren aims to take the work, struggle and worry out of dressing your kids — which, who doesn’t want to sign up for that?!

Full Transcript:

Dana: Are you dying at the thought of missing a single one of your baby’s first would have no idea how you’d give up the security that your nine to five job brings.

My name is Dana Graham and I had no clue how to escape that vicious 40 Hour Workweek cycle either until I did, as the wife of a traveling husband and mom of two tiny humans, I made the terrifying and totally bizarre leap from health insurance broker to successful newborn and family photographer, all with the amazing craziness of a two year old and newborn in tow. But I’m not the only one. I’m so glad you’re joining me as I chat with other moms who took the leap into entrepreneurship and created the ultimate best of both worlds life doing it all amidst the chaos.

Hi everyone – welcome back to another week here on Amidst The Chaos! I feel like the weeks FLY by with all these great guests coming on each week! I wanted to kick today off with a few updates about the podcast in general, and about Lauren since we recorded this quite a while ago.  First off, this podcast has reached more people than I really ever dreamt it would, and I have had everyone from complete strangers to people I knew of in high school reach out and tell me how inspired they’ve been by some of the different guests we’ve had on. I legitimately can’t tell you just how much that means to me. I want to remind everyone that I KNOW that starting a business isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. This is still a place where you can learn to be more productive, a place where you can learn more about how to balance wherever you DO work and how you parent, a place where you can broaden your horizons on what other career paths are out there. I don’t want anyone to feel like I am pushing entrepreneurship on them – because I KNOW it isn’t best for everyone. But I do want to be here for those who feel trapped and need some inspiration. I feel like I haven’t said that in a few episodes, so here we are haha. 

Next, while I LOVE this podcast, it definitely is not free for me to run! I have been trying to figure out which path I wanted to take to monetize Amidst The Chaos just enough to support itself, but sponsorships and affiliate partnerships with large companies just hasn’t felt right. 

What DOES feel right is advertising for the amazing women I’ve had the absolute pleasure of interviewing. It’s a win win – I get to support mom owned businesses with owners who have turned to friends, and YOU get to support brands you already know and trust since you can search out their episode on the podcast! We’ll keep them to a minimum, but know that this is an important step in continuing to allow this space to grow. I’m excited and feel REALLY good about this decision, so if anyone is opposed please just don’t let me know for a hot minute so I can enjoy my peace for a bit 🤣 

Lastly – Lauren Gregor is the guest joining us on today’s episode, and so much has happened in her business since we recorded in February! Lauren is the founder and owner of Rent a Romper, which is a shared closet of clothes for your littles. You order your size capsule for your baby, and then return the clothes when you’re done! I’ll let her explain in detail, but when we recorded she was still working her 9-5 job. Since then, Rent a Romper has been accepted into the LACI incubator program and is fully immersed in the business! This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited for her! Be sure to head to the blog in the show notes, or at amidstthechaospodcast.com, for more information. 

Okay I think that’s it for today! ENJOY the episode! 

All right. Hi everyone, we’re back with another episode today with Lauren Gregor and she is the founder of rent a romper which is just such a cool company and I cannot wait to get you guys all the information about them at the end. So Lauren, I know that you have kind of a really cool store and you found this cool niche in your market that is really needed and something that’s really necessary, but talk to me first about the years before you had started a business and became an entrepreneur, what did your life look like what were you doing, what was your day to day.

Lauren: Yeah, so I have always been working, and worked family where my mom was really very clear with us that we should always have a job and have health insurance and all those things so I work salary jobs right out of college, I was in education for about 15 years but doing all sorts of things outside of the classroom as well, like strategic initiatives, implementing them district wide in Los Angeles. And then, about 2015 My husband got a job offer in London so we actually moved abroad for several years. We were living in London for three years and so I had a career transition at that point, but was doing very similar work like strategy operations logistics, but for a large transportation company, and then then move back to the US in 2018, and continue to work for that global transport company and so was traveling all the time. You know every other week, all over the US traveling back to London, so I’ve always been working always been in sort of a fast paced life, but never in my entire life time until about a year and a half ago did I think that I was going to start my own business. It was like nowhere on the radar.

Dana: Yeah and I mean that’s, that’s a big transition going from not only working full time and working a nine to five but traveling so much I feel like that brings a whole level of exhaustion that some people aren’t used to right i mean that’s like, and it builds up over time it’s not just something that okay you travel a little bit and then you’re good to go. I mean that’s a lot of travel for you I’m sure that you know you felt it and now that you’re kind of stationary Do you feel the difference between traveling so much and being being home?

Lauren: Definitely, I think, I mean I love the company I worked for and their headquarters was out of London so we as a family decided we were going to move back to the states and we moved to LA. So, we were not only in the US and five, like we were eight hours behind you know the company I was working for so I was working, you know, getting up at four in the morning, like straight onto calls, and then traveling almost every week I was gone for three to four days a week, and then you know come home clean everything spend time with your kids go back again so yeah I think for a while it was interesting and fun but I do think I just was getting really worn out, and felt like I was missing a lot like my husband was amazing like picking up, he did everything while I was away and traveling, and he travelled for work too, so like, it was just a lot, and it just more down, and I think at a certain point I felt like, you know, it doesn’t really matter what I do, I just need to find something where I can like, rest, be stable yeah place for a little while.

Dana: Yeah and so what, How old were your kids at that point what’s kind of season of kid and toddler life were you at during that big traveling portion.

Lauren: When I was in that in that year, they were three and five, so my oldest had just started he was in kindergarten and my youngest was in preschool.

Dana: Wow. So what made you kind of switch and what was the catalyst for moving from having this very fast paced life to starting your own business because that’s a big switch right there what what kind of tipped you over and gave you that idea to start this company and pushed you to do it.

Lauren: Yeah so I think that about eight months before I started the business I would say, I was going through a transition of I know I need to leave this work, this job specifically like I know I want to find something else, but I didn’t know what that was. And I had made a big career transition, you know, four years prior from education and always been an education to like transportation completely different industry. And so I was really struggling with, like, what next. And where’s my NIT and what do I do, and I was like applying for jobs, doing endless interviews, and just like nothing was coming up. And at that time, you’re just not a great place like, I know I’m have great skills I know that I’ve been really successful with my career, but like, why is nothing going my way. And so I started meeting with a career coach, and it was helpful but just allowing me to like really have that objective space to reflect on what was going on. And in those meetings, you know, we would talk she wouldn’t say okay, where are you talking to next, you know, have you thought about this, have you thought about that, but we would keep circling back to these like ideas that I would have in my head, and we would end up talking about those for the whole time. And so one of them. I had was to make like, earthquake, or we’re in California but earthquake or like emergency kits for families that you could like just subscribed to fill out all your family information and get delivered to your house. And a month later I go back to our meeting, and somebody had created that and I saw him on Instagram.

Dana: Oh my gosh, that’s the worst feeling isn’t it.

Lauren: Oh Man! I should have done it. And so we just have kept having these and I think it was was her saying to me, I think, like these other jobs that you’re thinking about like they aren’t going to feel this creativity that’s coming out, and like, maybe you need to give this some space to think about as like potentially an option. And I think all of my body like training from my family is like salary must have health insurance, like right through the face thing. And so it took me a long, long time to actually think like well maybe try it. And so it was during that time and it really took me like getting turned down door after door to open this one. And at the time you just get like that’s you’re like just depressed like why did nobody want to hire me. And now you think okay, well, it had to be that way for me to be willing to like make this much of a shift. Yeah, so after about eight months of that I decided you know what, I listened to a podcast, actually, and the podcast is called, why not now, but one of the things that she talks about a lot is, why not, you are like why not me. And that’s awesome. So after that podcast I was like, she’s right. If I don’t do this, who is going to do it. And I started, I just printed business cards like I made, I bought the domain for whatever $9 a year, and printed business cards, and I was going to a women’s conference, mostly for networking to like figure out what I’m going to do with my life. Next, but I pretended that the company was real and that we had started and this is in maybe September 2019. And the response I got from like, all of these women at this conference was unreal like everybody’s saying, Well, if you had this company today, I would subscribe or like I wish this existed when my kids were little, and that was like the catalyst really for me to think, Okay, this can be real. I can do this, and it just got the ball rolling.

Dana: Yeah, I’m sure the confidence boost that that gave you was just crazy I mean to have that many women in one space that were being so positive about your idea you know to have all of it all at once. You know when you’re in a, you know, an in person setting I bet that was amazing. I’m kind of jealous that sounds so great.

Lauren: It was great, and I mean from that night I like went home that night started building the website, you know started ordering clothes and boxes and all of that. But I think, I mean at the same time, I was still working in this other job, and I had been talking with a company that’s based in Los Angeles, and had been very upfront with the CEO of the business saying like, why I’m also trying to start my own thing. So if you let me work for you, locally in LA, and work on my business, I’ll come work for you. And so at that time I also switched to a job where I was working locally in LA, which gave me more time I mean I was still working full time, but I wasn’t traveling, which made a huge difference for me and gave me that time and space like on the weekends or in the evenings or, you know whenever to actually start to really push things forward with restaurant. Yeah and I feel like you know everybody, everybody’s version of, I don’t have time for that so different with yours, you know you were doing crazy traveling and so bumping it down to quote unquote just a nine to five, you know, gave you all have this time that you didn’t have before. But some people they start with that, nine to five and that they still don’t have time in there so it’s it’s funny that there’s a huge range of what people see as normal in terms of how busy they are, and how much time they can spend doing something so it’s kind of nice to have that perspective and to see somebody that’s built something with so much going on I mean I couldn’t do it, I was like I can’t start this till I’m on maternity leave, like, this isn’t happening until I have dedicated time for it so I, it’s super inspirational to talk to somebody who did so much with so much going on. Okay, so before we get too much further, give me like a quick overview of renter romper in general for everybody so they understand what business we’re actually talking about. Yeah, absolutely. So, we are a rental clothing company for babies and toddlers, and I started it really because I have two boys, they’re seven and five today, But a few years ago I was just overwhelmed with how much stuff we had in our house like growing from the toys and like the strollers and everything, and then clothing, and I don’t know why we don’t talk about this before the baby comes, but one thing we do know is that kids grow, and they grow really fast. So I felt like there had to be a better way to dress our kids than to like constantly be trying to keep up with them and then the next week they grew out of it again. So we provide a membership, can we curate a capsule wardrobe for babies all the way from premi the size four. And when you’re a member you can, once you get your first box you get to swap it out as often as you want, or keep it as long as you need, and really just have the clothes that you need when your kid is grown. That is awesome and I see you know I’ve looked on your website and and on your Instagram and all the places and I love you know that you have partnerships with certain brands and I feel like you’ve just grown so quickly I mean from the timeline we’re talking about we’re only in 2021. I mean this has been huge growth so so fast.

Dana: So, okay, you talked about you know you went home that night and you built your website and you, you know, got all those details going, what did you do after that. What made you actually start booking clients and getting everything moving forward from there.

Lauren: Yeah, so we built the website and that was the work in progress, you know, I don’t think we had products right away. But the other thing I did is I started Instagram. That same night, and invited all of my friends, anybody that would like know me, you know, to follow me on the other. On my new now my business page. And we started providing tools, we had about 10 customers at that time they were all like, friends or friends of friends, you know, immediate contacts, Because I wanted to see how it would work, and you know they have super discounted rates and we would do every single thing through DM on Instagram, like, What size is your baby. What kind of clothes do you know, what’s your address all of it was going back and forth through Instagram. And then I would like invoice them through QuickBooks, just whatever I could do just to try it out. And I was buying clothes from any place I could find them as cheap as possible. And I think the first like October to December of that year. 2019 was just testing, like how much is it going to cost, where are we going to find that clothes like we offer two sizes of our capsule, one is just seven items and the other one is 15, and it was even like, Is that the right number of items like testing all of that stuff and just getting as much feedback as we possibly could from those customers. And so that, that’s where we started going, and then in, gosh, like December of 2019. I want to grant through the cocoa kind foundation. I don’t know if you’ve heard of cocoa kinda like a b2b company, amazing company. And that allowed me to pay somebody to help me actually get the website built in a way that would work for us, because we’re like not a normal business where you just buy a t shirt like you go you have to give us all these different kinds of information, so we can curate for you. And then you swap in and out at your own, you know, desire, it’s not like we ship you a box every month. Some of our customers, especially when it’s newborn like they’re growing every two weeks, or out of into the next size so we had to find a way to get our website up enough that logistically that would work, so I was able to pay a company to do that and then we went live. I was listening to one of your the toy library podcast, we went live, the week they sat down with our oh my gosh, this is crazy but you know what I mean.

Dana: Fortunately for you, this was like kind of a nice. I mean, obviously I’m sure COVID impacted you guys like crazy, but it wasn’t something you know where you have a stand up store that people can’t come to anymore so that is touch. One way to look at it, but how else did COVID impact the launch and then the, you know the past year of your business.

Lauren: Yeah, I think at the launch. It was difficult because it, like all of the messaging, at the beginning was you know everybody’s just really panicked and not sure what’s going on and we didn’t want to like have a big launch right and right during that time when all the everybody just paid attention to what you know the safety of their family. And I think at the beginning the first couple of months, people were very concerned and a lot of questions back and forth whenever we would do anything why with people or submitting through our customer service was around cleanliness of the clothing, and just, especially since it’s, you know, pre loved and it’s going between households, like what were cleaning processes, but I think that kind of died down, one after like people became more familiar and we learned more about COVID, but also like now, with our, with rent amount but you don’t have to go anywhere, like it gets delivered to your house, when you need it, especially if you have a newborn, or like a three month old, you don’t want to take your child with you to the store to find clothes for them. You know, so I think in that sense, we’re a great option because you don’t have to do anything and it just comes when you need it.

Dana: Oh it’s genius. I know I’m like man I need to have another babies. So I can use this because I wish that I had something like this because they do they grow so fast and at that stage, especially in that free one stage when they’re not really eating tons of messy food. The clothes are in great condition. Anyway, I would be perfectly fine to send those back to somebody else you know now that my daughter’s like rolling in mud for fun I probably not but, but,

Lauren: it is amazing, you know, because we like you know a lot of this hasn’t really existed like, there’s been rental clothing companies for, you know, women and starting to grow and grow in the market over the last five years, seven years, but for kids it’s different and I think a beginning I had a lot of assumptions like, this is how long they’ll last or once kids start eating it’s just gonna be a disaster or whatever it was, but in a lot of really good ways we’re being proven wrong. And that’s been really helpful, and just makes me really optimistic about the business I mean, I just sent out a capsule. This past weekend, and we had a pajama set that’s like, on it six family. And it was the first time I like actually had to add a column in our inventory, like, six, some rental like because we haven’t gotten there yet, but it is like clothes are really lasting and the families are taking amazing care of them.

Dana: That is awesome and I you know I think, you know the whole eco part of your business is amazing too because it really does make a huge difference. I mean the amount of clothes that we’ve been through is just insane and you know we’re obviously handing them down we have tons of cousins in the family, you know, it’s I do feel like our clothes are getting used again, but not at the level that you’re sorry I mean that is just a whole nother level of awesome for the environment and I love that aspect of the business as well. So, when you were getting this off the ground and getting it launched kind of during the COVID crisis at the very beginning and then a little bit after that, what kind of took you guys to the point where you’re really seeing lots of new subscribers and any sort of new membership, was there a turning point in there anywhere that made you realize okay this is working.

Lauren: I think we started to do some expos where there was one Expo, it’s called the Prego Expo for expecting moms, and they started going virtual last year, I think a lot of the events that we had been scheduled to attend or like, you know go via sponsor at last year, all had gotten canceled, and this one in particular decided like we’re going virtual we’re going to keep holding our events, and we’re going to you know make it happen somehow, and being able to talk to people, even though it’s Facebook Live or whatever. I think that really helped. And so we started to get, you know, a bunch of subscribers that way. And I think we still want to grow and we still want to have much more people but after that point we really started to see more consistent growth so like new orders coming in on a consistent pace and sort of expected versus just the ones every occasion so that really started to help make a difference for us, but I think it’s still work in progress, like we’re still trying to figure out exactly how to find the people that, that are interested in this type of a model, and we’re always a work in progress.

Dana: Yeah and I think, I think you’re so right about that consistency of business really right like people, you know there’ll be certain times in my business where it’s like a flurry of inquiries and I always know as a photographer falls busy like period, there’s just, it’s just crazy everybody wants a Christmas card right I know that it’s always going to be busy in the fall, but when I see that I’m consistently booked through the other months of the year, it’s like okay, this is, this is much more comfortable that I can kind of predict some sort of income instead of just, you know, you think it’s going great for that busy season and that wave and then all of a sudden it’s January and nobody needs outdoor photos, you know, you have to pivot and make sure there’s a way to, to survive that ebb and flow of your business before it gets really consistent so I think that’s a great example of feeling comfortable, not comfortable but feeling kind of like okay this is working right we have consistent, predictable business. So that’s, that’s amazing. So what are the day to day operations look like for you now are you still working your nine to five corporate job and doing this are you full time rent a romper what, what does your life look like now.

Lauren: So, I am still working a full time job. I’m not sure how but

Dana: there’s that you’re a champion.

Dana: You never know with life. So when COVID hit my husband was furloughed, and so like any plans and all plans for this past year just went out the window. And so in some ways like I have to keep working because that’s the reality of our life, you know at this moment and he’s not on furlough anymore but I think there’s a point where like we need to feel comfortable enough and we need to have consistency enough in the restaurant for business that we feel like Okay, time to make that week completely. I think we’re really close to that, which is exciting because my day is crazy. I mean I get about five or 530, which I hate because I love sleeping, but that’s like the only time I can I can really only focus and really crank through stuff when my kids are sleeping. So I do that I get up, you know, if I have emails to sign like anything big project wise that I need to like get out the door for restaurant but I do that early in the morning and get the kids are usually up by like 630 or 730 and my boys now are like, at the age where, at least they can you know get themselves dressed and. Just this morning I was like, Bennett, you can make your own breakfast. Thank you. But, you know, is sort of like that hustle in the morning and my kids have been home learning virtually for a year. So that’s all because we don’t we don’t have help so like my husband also works from home. Most of the time and we just try to manage between the two of us and it’s a mess and sometimes the kids watch a lot of TV and it’s just like the reality of how it is today. And so then I do my day to day job and then that means I flip back to renter a romper sometimes like, you know, my husband and I will switch off like if he has a really busy day or, or I do, we kind of just pull ourselves up in the office and work, and like I might work till 11 or 12 sometimes if it’s a really busy week. And then hopefully, sleep, and then I try as hard as possible to pack. Only twice a week. So, I don’t know okay, because I do like all everything, all the laundry, inventory, all the curating and all the packing and all the shipping, so I try to really like Saturday mornings really aren’t my day. I do like all of our inventory for the week, anything that’s covered, come back in, anything that needs to go out and then I usually have to do it another day during the week because, you know, we don’t want our customers waiting super long for their clothes so depends on like how things are coming in and out but usually one week night I will also be doing inventory.

Dana: That is a lot that is a lot a lot and I think it’s funny because you wonder, you know you started this business right before COVID You wonder what it would look like. If COVID hadn’t happened, you know, that is just such a it’s been such a game changer for everybody and nobody knows what this past year would have looked like. Without it, and then moving forward to, like, you know, when are the kids going to go back to school, I just don’t know. So I think the fact that you got that you found a groove and a routine, even though it’s chaotic, at least there is some semblance of now it is kind of normal. I mean as hard as that is, it’s not something that you know was just here for a week and then you guys are recovering from it, you know, there, there is a level of acceptance that I’ve kind of taken on with the whole situation and knowing that like okay, this is what it is and I think once I hit that I pass that hurdle of like knowing that this is what my life just looks like and we’ll get through it is has been really helpful for me mentally because I know it’s just been so hard for, for so many people.

Lauren: Yeah. And I mean, I don’t want to say like, Oh, I’m just working in the morning and they work at night and this all happens like, it’s really hard, it’s, this is like the hardest thing. I don’t want to say the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but in my career, definitely is, I think because like with the business, and I mean, anybody that you know in this situation is like it’s dependent on me. You know I want to get out of this situation and like be able to leave my job. And, you know, be able to make this successful and like, hire staff and do all the things I want to do. I have to put it in the time, because nobody else is going to do it. And so I think that’s the part that just like kind of keeps you going in a way like, Okay, one more hour, just these last three emails, whatever it might be, but I mean there’s definitely days where I have to just shut every single thing down and sleep, or like, watch something on Netflix like whatever it is. Because, I mean it’s just really wearing. So I don’t want to like sugarcoat that in any way for you know people like this is hard work. Starting your own thing.

Dana: Yeah and I think that is super important because it’s not I haven’t talked to any entrepreneur ever that said, Oh yeah, you know, it was awesome and it was easy like there is a serious, serious sacrifice that you’re making in terms of, I think especially mental health just your brain never shuts off there’s always something you have to be doing something you need to be thinking about to be moving that needle forwards and to get to the point that you want to be with your business and so I appreciate the honesty, because I think that can feel really isolating, because a lot of people don’t understand that, especially if you have friends who, you know, have been in the same kind of industry their whole life and their days look similar to, you know what they, they’ve always looked like and they don’t understand that struggle, it can feel really lonely and isolating so I’m glad to know that. Pretty much everybody I’ve interviewed on this podcast so far has felt the same way. And it’s hard, it’s really hard and I know that you know you said obviously look keeps you going, is knowing that you know you’ll be able to do these things with your business in the long run. And I think that’s what kind of keeps all of us going for sure is knowing that you know you really want your business to succeed and do well. But in terms of, you know what your life is going to look like is this kind of something that you want to do, you know forever like is the plan to like grow it to the massive, what’s the endgame here for Rent-a-Romper?

Lauren: Well, what I would love, so we’ve started adding on. As you’ve seen, I think on our website like wholesale partners with different brands. And now you know we started out, getting the least expensive things we could find and. And now we’ve started to build our inventory into this women owned organic, sustainable focus, and those are the brands that we’re, we’re trying to work with. So I want us to be the way that you dress your babies like we don’t buy 31 Z’s fresh off the rack anymore we buy quality, or like, we just rent quality items that then can get passed on to another family, and we know that they’re clean, we know that they’re it’s like more affordable and it’s easy for a mom or a parent, yes. And so I think, I mean I really want us to be a big company that is successful and like really changes the way that we think about sustainability and fashion for kids. And so besides our membership like we’re launching new things this year that I think will start to take us down that path a little bit like seasonal rentals, so you don’t have to go buy winter coats anymore, just rent it for the one four month season that your child’s going to fit in it and then 10 Send it back so genius, so genius. Yeah, we’re really, I’m really excited about the other options that we’re going to start adding to the mix. And I think it could really like transform the way that people think about clothes, and the way that our kids think about clothes because I think that’s like a big part of the vision that I have for this company, you know I’m not like my background I told you my backgrounds in education and public transport, like, not in fashion, but I really believe that we’re in a place in our world that like we need to take action to make sure that our kids have a better future. And I think that having babies and toddlers, the way that they get dressed at when they’re little, is through rented sustainable clothing, like they’re just going to grow up knowing that that’s the way that it is. So I, that’s something that I really hope that we’re big enough that we’re able to really transform the way that our next generation thinks, and that we can like have that impact on on our planet.

Dana: Yeah, and that is, it’s so funny because that really circles back around to the very beginning of our conversation where you said you know you grew up where you get a job and you have health care and salary and that’s just what you do, you know, but you feel that because that’s how you were brought up, And so if you can do the same concept with rental romper and having, you know these clothes come from a sustainable rented place that’s just, that’s going to be so awesome and I feel like, you know that that can work right training your kids to believe that’s what’s normal, because that’s exactly what happened to you.

Lauren: And it’s so funny. my boys now, they you know, I run the company out of the house so they see everything all the time. And they’ve seen it, you know, grow over the last year and now like my son will say, Mom, I don’t have enough pet so like, like, okay, just go in and mentor shop, like I haven’t bought them anything new in a year, and they know nothing different. They love when new, you know, we take donated clothes as well so they couldn’t other families grew out of their things will will take their clothing, so my kids get so excited when that new inventory counts, because it’s for them it’s the Do you know, they don’t know that it’s old or even if they do it’s new to them. So I’ve already seen that just with my voice.

Dana: Yeah and that’s so exciting too and I think, you know, another really hard, definitely the hardest thing any, any of us have really ever done is working full time, from home with their kids around, it is so difficult, but at the same time, the lessons that they’re learning from seeing their parents work all day every day and just work so hard, especially about things they’re passionate about, you know, in your case, that is invaluable to them and I really think that that’s, you know so important and we need to remember that, you know that that is a good thing definitely coming from this, this whole pandemic.

Lauren: I’m glad you said that I’m going to keep that in mind, because I think sometimes you know we do feel, I feel guilty, like I’m going back in office and I have to like do this again. Ignore them. In my mind, oh my god. But you’re right, they are seeing that effort. And sometimes I, it’s a struggle for them to like, they don’t love going on Zoom school, that’s what they call it, or, you know, doing all their homework at home all the time but sometimes we set up our desk, like the dining room table. And it’s like, work time and mommy brings her computer. They bring their computer, their iPad whatever they have to do, we do work together. And that’s been one thing that at least like we’re all working, and they see it, they see I’m working, and they’re working.

Dana: Yeah and I think that is definitely something that’s going to be valuable to them, it’ll be really interesting to see you know in 10 1520 years, all the studies and, you know, feedback that comes from that generation of you no learning during COVID So it’ll be really fun. Maybe not fun is the wrong word. It will be very interesting to see, to see what comes of it so. well, Lauren, thank you so much for coming on here I was so excited to talk to you and I feel like I I know so much more about your business and I, you know, again, I’m ready to have some more babies to get using it. But let everybody know where we can find your your website your Instagram all the things.

Lauren: Yeah, our website is rentromper.com, all one word, and we are on Instagram at Rent romper. And on Facebook, rents were on for us, and on Pinterest as well.

Dana: Awesome, well thank you so much and I cannot wait for everybody to hear this episode and I hope, I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Lauren: Thank you so much, Dana, it was great to talk to you too.

Dana: I am so honored you spent any minutes of your day listening to me babble about living this entrepreneurial life amidst the chaos in any mom’s normal day to day. If you love what you’ve heard and read more snippets of knowledge about this mom Boss Life, head over to our website at amidstthechaospodcast.com for show notes and links to anything mentioned in today’s episode. If you’re really feeling inspired, it would mean the world to me and my family if you take the time to write in with you. Thanks for joining me, amidst the chaos.

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