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Designed for REAL life cell phone photos that might not have the best lighting or color tones, these NINE presets should enhance your already beautiful images, or bring the ones that aren't so great to life!


Get perfect photos in 1 click!


Are you looking for a way to work from anywhere, at any time, with just the right amount of work that's right for you? Well, consider becoming a photo editor! Alisa McCormick teaches the ABC's of Photo Editing - a course that teaches you, start to finish, how to become a photo editor! Even if you aren't a photographer, this is an amazing entrepreneurial career path!

ABC's of Photo Editing

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If you've ever been the mom to an infant, you KNOW the struggle of fitting the baby carrier into the shopping cart at the grocery store. I mean, where do you even put the groceries?! I can fit 3 items max with that huge carrier in there haha. Lindsey Fleischhauer decided to solve that problem for us with the Totes Babies Car Seat Carrier! What an incredible solution for new moms!

Totes Babies

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Meaghan Langston (aka The Meaning Mentor) is a success coach and productivity expert helping working women set and achieve meaningful goals at work and at home... and wants nothing more than to help you, too!  She has an incredible personal and professional background that makes her incredible at helping you manage your workload at a perfect pace for YOU!

Meaghan Langston

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Lindsey Laurain founded EZPZ out of a desire for a SOLUTION to her baby's plate and food ending up all over the floor! The original silicone baby placemat was a raving success from the get-go, but the amount of ergonomic, developmentally appropriate feeding tools they have today is unparallelled! 


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Ashi Jelinek was trying to find a drink her kiddos could have and LOVE, that didn't involve her watering down juice to limit the sugar content, but came up empty handed. So she made on herself! KidsLuv Drinks are vitamin infused, vegan, sugar free, DELICIOUS beverage for kids! No need to water down, and they're the perfect size for on the go. Get it delivered via Amazon.

KidsLuv Drinks

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Jacquelyn Rogers was READY to celebrate Christmas with her growing family, but couldn't find any holiday decor that celebrated and showed diversity... so she made some! Today, Greentop Gifts sells apparel, home decor, and stationary that celebrates ALL sorts of humans, all over the country. 

Greentop Gifts

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When your first three babies are decent sleepers, you think you're in the clear! ...and then came Tara Williams' fourth baby, Luke. He wouldn't sleep through the night until she threw a heavier weight blanket on him... and her idea for Dreamland Baby was born! Dreamland Baby offers SAFE, weighted sleep sacks and blankets for all your tiny humans' sleep needs.

Dreamland Baby

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Emree Woods realized her options for non-alcoholic, delicious beverages were limited when she was pregnant with her daughter in 2017. She wanted something tasty that wasn't soda water or just plain soda! She felt limited in social situations, and wants the non-alcoholic beer she's created to lessen the pressure on ANY type of person just looking to socialize. 

Rightside Brewing

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Aubree Malick is a Virtual Assistant with an easy-to-follow system that teaches you the step by step directions for starting your own Virtual Assistant Business! If you’re organized, have decent computer skills, and are looking to start a side hustle or full blow VA business… THIS IS FOR YOU! She's offering her $690 course for $197!

Aubree Malick

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At Stylish Spoon, Ilana and her team believe that when you eat good, you feel good. This can be SO difficult when you're busy... and when you have children hanging all over you 24/7! And you know what else? Sometimes I just want something sweet. Stylish Spoon ships their delicious gluten free, dairy free, and soy free baked goods nationwide.

Stylish Spoon

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When the pandemic hit, these two incredible fitness instructors and business women knew they HAD to take their skills to the internet. They wanted to preserve the in-person class feel, but from a nice social distance. They have online classes with everything from Cycling, to Barre, to HIIT power workouts... all LIVE on zoom! 


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