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Ready to get them? Here You go!

This Winter Mobile Preset Pack is designed specifically for the mom or dad that's been home all winter taking photos of their tiny humans. Intended for REAL life cell phone photos that might not have the best lighting or color tones, these NINE presets should enhance your already beautiful images, or save the ones that aren't so great! 

Need Some real life exampleS?

Here are some sample photos to see which preset works best with the photo you're working with!

01: Clean Color
This is a beautiful photo to start with! The colors look normal, the lighting is even, it just needs a BOOST! Always start with this preset and see how it looks!

02: For Sunlight
This is the next most "gentle" change, and a great option for photos with brighter spots on them. Typically this works as a boost for a decent picture to begin with! 

03: For Blue Snow Days
Doesn't have to be for just a snow day (look at that BABY!), but LOTS of time your snow day photos start very blue. See how blue this original is? Voila!

04: For Shaded Outdoor
Are there dark shadows (like on Maggie's face here) in your photo? This is a great one to brighten those and still have "pop" in your image. Can be used for indoor, too!

05: For Yellow Indoor
Does your image look yellow and dingy? This preset pulls out some of those yucky muddy yellows, and makes a bright, clean image! This is perfect for overhead yellow lights!

06: For Dark and Grainy
These start the less commonly used presets (06, 07 & 08), but you'll know when you need it! Your photo isn't going to look like one out of a magazine, but you'll be able to see your faces!!

07: For Lit Christmas Trees
Another specialty preset - but helps with the oranges and yellows of indoor lighting, but keeps the tree looking great! 

08: For Severe Indoor Orange
This is the MOST specialized preset of the pack, and should only be used when your original photo is VERY VERY orange like the one above! Great for indoor birthday cake celebrations!

09: For Unsolvable & Emotional
Use this when you have a photo that can't be saved lighting or coloring wise, OR when you have a moment with a special connection between two people - like above!