Now, my mission is to help mamas do the same - by beautifully documenting their growing family and creating a sustainable business that changes their life for the better.

Are you totally ready for your kiddos bedtime at the end of the day... but then find yourself staring at their photos on your phone after they go to bed? Would you do anything to keep them little, but also LOVE watching them learn all the new things? Are they making you a lil crazy, but also making you laugh at things you never knew could be funny? Yes? If so... meet me, your new best friend. 

I'm an American family and newborn photographer in Ankara, Turkey, and have spent my time since becoming a mother growing a business that works for my family. Photography as art is wonderful and all, but what made me know being a photographer was right for me was the absolute joy I get when watching a toddler meet their new baby brother or sister. Or photographing parents laughing at their littles running circles around them in a park. Or just capturing my own tiny humans in our kitchen. We all get to have those memories forever... and I get to work at a pace that is right for our family. 

meet dana – mama, photographer, podcast host

about Dana

While I've always enjoyed and respected the art of photography, I didn't originally set out to start my own business. The creation of this business was spurred out of my love for emotion, and the joy that comes from capturing the connection and affection each family has for one another. This business grew when I began capturing those perfect faces my loved ones make, not necessarily the technically "perfect" photo some photographers strive for. While I am constantly taking professional education courses to enhance my photography skills, what made me start this business was my ability to get that emotional shot every mom looks for.  

Now, I have a passion for helping other mamas do the same. Whether it's learning how to enhance your iphone photos with my mobile presets, teaching you how to use that DSLR camera in your closet collecting dust, or coaching you one on one on how to become a fully booked family and newborn photographer, I want to share everything I know to help you document and create the life you've dreamt of for your family.

I believe in a family-focused life. Here's why:

I sat down with Samantha Spittle and talked about just how savage it was to leave my full time job for entrepreneurship in a career I had no experience in.

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I joined Dr. Abbey Williams on the Mimosas with Moms podcast and spoke about the journey into entrepreneurship as a mom of young children.

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Have you heard of @dayswithgrey? She changed my mornings with my kiddos, and I can promise she'll change yours, too!

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I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, went to George Mason University, and spent the past several years building my own family in Northern Virginia! I have the most enthusiastic, supportive, energetic husband in the world. We have two beautiful tiny humans with BIG personalities. I am originally from Virginia Beach, our home base as a family is in Northern Virginia, but we are currently living abroad in Ankara, Turkey with the State Department!

Okay... some fast facts: I hate the cold. I can never seem to order something as-is off a menu. I'm an UGLY crier. I bake cookies in the toaster oven. I (still) watch Grey's Anatomy. I have a mild obsession with Bobby Bones and try to be #pimpinjoy 24/7. Last but not least, I probably want to be your newest best friend. 

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