My name is Dana Graham... obviously! I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, went to George Mason University, and spent the past several years building my own family in Northern Virginia (now in Falls Church)! I have the most enthusiastic, supportive, energetic husband in the world. We have two beautiful tiny humans with BIG personalities.  I am originally from VB, but live and work in Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun County- I don't discriminate between ANY Virginians :) 

I hate the cold. I can never seem to order something as-is off a menu. I'm an UGLY crier. I bake cookies in the toaster oven. I (still) watch Grey's Anatomy. I have a mild obsession with Bobby Bones and try to be #pimpinjoy 24/7.

I'm Dana!


I strive to make any experience with me unlike any other photo session you have been a part of. My style is natural and relaxed, and my goal is to take any burden or stress associated with photo shoots OFF of you! I want your little moments to unfold in a fun and uninhibited way as I guide you through our photography session.  This shouldn't have to be another thing you're stressed about - let me do the prep work for you. I aim to bring out each family member's unique characteristics, ensuring that ALL photos highlight your family's unique story. 

Why Dana?

While I've always enjoyed and respected the art of photography, I didn't originally set out to start my own business. The creation of this business was spurred out of my love for emotion, and the joy that comes from capturing the connection and affection each family has for one another. This business grew when I began capturing those perfect faces my loved ones make, not necessarily the technically "perfect" photo some photographers strive for. While I am constantly taking professional education courses to enhance my photography skills, what made me start this business was my ability to get that emotional shot every mom looks for.  

Classically Trained? NOPE!

I just wanted professional photos for Mother's Day. I told my husband that in FEBRUARY, Then Coronavirus hit and that wasn't an option. So... we made lemonade! I'd love for you to get to know my family better through some of my personal blog posts. I bet we'd be friends!

Fun Fact

Meet The Fam

I took the above photos myself!