It's time to turn toddler Bribes into

It's Time to turn toddler bribes into

Are you getting "terrible two", "trying three", or "frustrating four" vibes when you're trying to take your toddler's picture?! I get it, I do. But I think toddlers get a bad rap, and I'm here to help you flip the narrative.

sick of bribing your toddlers to smile?



toddler tricks

LEt's do it


What if every time you pulled out your phone or camera to take a photo, your toddler lit up in excited anticipation? They get in place, smiling already,  just knowing whatever you're about to say will be just plain FUN. I know what you're thinking... "yeah, right." But what I'm thinking? "YEAH, RIGHT!"

I have been where you are now. Frustrated with bribed, fake smiles, from both my own toddlers and my clients. But after years of practice with two toddlers of my own, and over 500 tiny human clients, I've discovered the foolproof tricks to pulling pure JOY from toddlers. 

Welcome to the Toddler Tricks Mini Course!

...and now I'm ready to share my secrets!

Through years of testing my thoughts, theories, and tricks on my own tinies AND my clients' tiny humans, I've figured out the exact steps to walk through each time you pick up your phone or "big camera" to take a picture. My system has turned TODDLERS into my favorite category of humans to photograph... yes, even my own! 

I've figure out how to combat ALL those things. 

And you know what? I've found the joy. And I want to share it with you and your family.

but guess what...

The Toddler Tricks Mini Course

We are going to take the frustration, annoyance, and stress COMPLETELY OUT of photographing your own toddlers. We're going to make you want to take even MORE photos, and have them want the same. We're going to bring JOY back into documenting your family at home, on your travels, and at play-dates. 


especially once your kiddo reaches two and doesn’t want to listen or participate as much as you’d like. We just spent a week at the beach and thanks to the toddler tips I got some amazing pictures of my daughter and our family. Following her tips makes taking pictures fun!"

— Elizabeth

"Dana’s toddler tricks are
a must-have,

Why are some of your photos of your kids turning out blurry, dark, or with REALLY weird colors? We're going to explore some basic tips in how to find the BEST light to fix so many of those factors! We'll also touch on settings for your phone or camera to make that blurriness to be a thing of photos past.  

Wait, what? I thought it was about the toddlers? Well, it turns out toddlers feed off of YOU. Everything from your physical presence, to the tone of your voice, to the amount of eye contact you're making. They want to be the center of your universe, so let's fix your universe to best accommodate them!

Here's What You'll Learn

Technical Factors

It's all about YOU!

Feature one

feature two

Listen, I know you're busy as a mom. You might not have time to watch all of the video examples I give of the Toddler Tricks! SO, I've put a synopsis of the video course into workbook format in case learning that way is more conducive to your busy life.  The iPhone Cheat Sheets are easily saved to your phone - making them the EASIEST hand-held reference you'll ever have!

Convenience is Key

feature four

Almost 90 minutes of video tutorials and live examples of TWENTY FIVE different prompts to throw at your toddlers to get those genuine smiles! I walk through each toddler trick and explain the ins and outs of making it a success, and then show you a real-life example! 

The Toddler Tricks

feature Three


From you, or the toddlers.

How does this sound?

CONFIDENCE when you go to take a photo of any number of tiny humans.



the results you're going to get:

Higher-quality photos... even ones on your phone!


Genuine, joyful images of your babies that you'll cherish for years to come.


YES, I'M in!


How It Works

Download the Course Workbook and the iPhone Cheat Sheets. You can flip through these and get general concepts and tips IMMEDIATELY!

First STep...

Grab a glass of wine after bed, and pull up the video course to watch through. You'll be able to SEE how to put these tricks into action. 

Next step...

Put the Tricks to use! Take ALL the photos of those babes. Head to the private Facebook group to chat all things toddler with toddler moms!

And finally...

"Even my 1 year old is already sick of me asking him to smile - and he’s wise to my ways. Dana’s toddler tricks work WONDERS every time!" 


Kind words


"These tools are incredible. Getting your toddler to smile is no easy feat but you have really allowed me to get into my toddler’s head and bring those genuine smiles from her!"


Kind words


I can finally say I have cute, quality photos of my kiddos - with REAL smiles! For the other mamas of toddlers out there, you know what an accomplishment this is! Thank you Dana!


Kind words


So let's get  you started!

A year from now, when you look back on just a couple GREAT photos of your babies, you'll wish you started today.

I used to get SO frustrated...

It is so annoying to have something you want to document, but having ZERO cooperation from your toddlers. I remember heading to the beach for a sunrise with my parents and my toddlers, and I couldn't get them to just pause for ONE minute to take a photo. They were so distracted by the ocean (I mean, I can't blame them), but I knew I wanted something official to remember that visit. 

So I thought, what can I do to make myself more interesting than this beach? Maybe if I calm down and draw their attention to me with a game... and guess what? The photo here is what I got that day. And it's framed and on my kitchen counter. And I am beyond thankful, because that day this course concept was born.

I want to make your beautiful lives as memorable as my sunrise on the beach.

If you sign up for the Toddler Tricks Mini Course today, you'll have the opportunity to get my Mobile Presets for 50% off! These presets were designed to help you fix phone photos that maybe weren't taken in the best light, and to just give a boost to the ones that were. 

Grab my Mobile Preset Pack for 50% off!

50% Off




The cuteness is unreal!

— ME, YESTERDAY, about the new toddler tricks photos on social media

I'm Dana, your chaos coordinator!

I'm an advocate for moms building the lives that they want for themselves AND their families. Whether it's learning how to better document your babies growing up, or inspiring you to start your own business if that's what you want! I can't wait to "meet" you! 

more about me

hey there!

What kind of camera do I need for this course?

You can use ANY type of camera to benefit from this course! Anything from a polaroid, to an iPhone, to a DSLR or mirrorless "big camera"!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have kids that are older than toddlers... will this help?

Absolutely! Some of the tricks in this course can be tweaked and applied to older children. If you have even one toddler, it's worth it! 

Who was The Toddler Tricks Course made for?

MOMS were the inspiration for this course, and that's who it's for! But I knew if I added even more detail, it would be an excellent course for family photographers as well. 

Can I play the videos with the kids around?

Absolutely!! It's all family friendly, and even if they hear the tricks before you use them, they aren't going to remember or care! They will still work no problem.

These toddler tricks are not only going to make taking photos easier, these concepts are going to embed themselves into your everyday life! You'll find yourself using them to get your toddlers to do all SORTS of things with new found joy. I use these tricks to get everyone out the door on time, to occupy them while we're waiting in line at the grocery store, and to give them something to do while we wait to order at a restaurant! Level up your relationship with your toddlers just by purchasing a photo course?! Uhm, YES PLEASE!

I know it seems like a lot of effort for "just some pictures". But these pictures are the only things you'll have in 30 years... and I want you to have the BEST. ONES. POSSIBLE.

You're in the right place.

Try My Program for 14 days. Get your money back if you don't think the content is worth it.

I believe in this course with ALLLL of my heart! I know this is going to do your family SO much good, and I can't wait for you to try it out. At the same time, I want you to feel like you've gotten your money's worth! If you're unsatisfied with your purchase anytime in 14 days, I'll provide you with a full refund.

money back 



Let's Do This Thing!

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your family is an important one! If you have any questions about what the course may or may not cover, if it's right for you, or any other concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly!

Still on the fence?