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A weekly podcast inspiring mamas everywhere to regain control of their day to day life by bailing on the corporate world and diving into entrepreneurship... amidst the chaos of their everyday life!

amidst the chaos

01: From Insurance Broker To Motherhood Photographer

February 9, 2021

SO, grab that huge pile of clean-but-not-folded laundry, pop your headphones in, and get ready to be inspired Amidst The Chaos.

Join your host Dana Graham (a health insurance broker turned successful newborn and family photographer… as bizarre as that sounds), as she picks the brains of women like her who have given up the security of a corporate job in favor of creating their own business venture to allow for more precious time at home with their littles. Each week, enjoy a different interview with a mom who has made the leap from a 9 to 5 to entrepreneurship in ALL different fields; from realtors, to health coaches, to etsy shop owners. We’ll hear the what, why, and how of what they’ve built, and how in the world they're doing it with their kiddos in tow! If you’ve already started your own business, join us as we continue to motivate you each week with step-by-step, TANGIBLE action items to make your business as efficient and successful as it can be… with your family, motherhood journey, and mental health at the top of the priority list.


Have you wished you could find a way to make money on your own, but don’t know how you’d have time to start something amidst all the chaos in your life? On top of that, you might not even think you have a skill, talent, or ANY CLUE of what you’d do! If any of the above is screaming directly at your heart... you’re EXACTLY in the right place!

Are you wishing you could control your work schedule and spend more time with your babies? 

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I am loving this podcast! As a mom who is an entrepreneur, it's so incredibly refreshing to hear from other women in a similar place. It’s so fascinating to hear and learn a tiny bit about all the different careers we came from and the unique businesses that have been created. Dana’s a great host, clearly easy to talk to, and all the guests have a lot of insight to share.

"As a mom who is an entrepreneur, it's so refreshing to hear from other women."

Listening to Dana share her story is super inspiring. Definitely a good place to start if you are a busy mom that loves her job, but also knows how important it is to be around for your kiddos during their formative years. It’s okay to branch out and step out of your norm! Great job! I will keep listening for sure.

"Listening to Dana share her story is super inspiring...I will keep listening!"

Dana’s story and warm conversations with other entrepreneurs offer inspiration for all moms - working, stay at home, part-time, and everything in between. Can’t recommend this podcast enough for any mom needing a little reminder of the invaluable role we play as mothers. Thank you for spreading your love and ideas, Dana!!!

"Dana’s story and conversations with other entrepreneurs offer inspiration for all moms."

I am not a mom, but as a childcare worker, I have seen firsthand the chaos that Dana describes, and I think she perfectly depicts the balancing act that women go through in this beautiful mess we call life. Her relatability shines through to listeners of all ages, and the interviews are incredibly inspiring. I recommend this to anyone who wants to laugh, cry, and everything in between."

"Her relatability shines through to listeners of all ages."

When I started the journey of entrepreneurship,  I would’ve paid money to hear from a mom who ditched her 9-5 to pursue her passion. And that is what this podcast is all about!! No fluff from industry experts that seem leagues ahead of you, but instead advice from real and relatable women who discuss their own journeys. It’s a must listen for anyone yearning for MORE!

"No fluff from industry experts, but instead advice from real and relatable women."

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I LOVE my kids. No, seriously. I love them so much I want to explode. I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom, but I didn't understand how much you'd love your babies until they were here.

I couldn't imagine living so much of my week under someone else's timeline. I wanted to be in control of the hours I spend with my babies. I wanted to be the one to choose if and when my kids are away from me, and I wanted it to be ONLY for something I am passionate about.

I jumped ship from my corporate job managing health insurance plans... to become a motherhood photographer. The only camera I had was almost 10 years old, and I had never taken my DSLR camera off auto mode, but your girl was bound and determined. I didn't want to miss a BEAT with my tiny humans. 

A few years later, I'm here LIVING MY DREAM by chatting with other moms about how they did the same thing. How they built something from the ground up, and how they did it Amidst The Chaos of this crazy life.

Meet Your Host: Dana Graham

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