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When I started this podcast, the goal was to bring mothers in different indutries to this community so that YOU can see the variety of ways you can either start a side hustle or jump right in to a new career with skills you may already have. Today’s guest is not only an amazing listen, […]

Ep. 56 Becoming a Photo Editor, with Alisa McCormick

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

March 15, 2022

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WOW, today’s episode I got DEEP with our guest, Whitney Lundeen, on her journey to build her clothing brand Sonnet James. Whitney not only talks about the founder tips and hurdles, but gets really honest and open about her personal struggles, which I think will be really helpful for so many people. Whitney tells me […]

Ep. 53 How a Single Mom Built a Clothing Line for Mothers, with Whitney Lundeen

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

February 22, 2022

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