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I am so excited to finish out this amazing first season with a guest who could essentially be the poster child for this podcast! Sarah Peck is the founder of Start Up Parent, which focuses on helping women feel less alone and gives them the tools they need to plan for families during busy careers. […]

Ep. 50 Helping Parents Shift the Way Work is Done and Elevate Their Leadership Capacity, with Sarah Peck

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

December 21, 2021

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When everything went virtual in 2020, all sorts of service providers found a way to make it work with a ton of different digital video platforms. But my guest today, Rebecca Featherstone, wasn’t satisfied with ‘just ok’ when it came to her music lessons. Instead of dealing with it (like so many of us continue […]

Ep. 49 – Building an App for Music Teachers to Virtual Engage with Their Students, with Rebecca Featherstone

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

rebecca featherstone

December 14, 2021

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