I was super excited to chat with Aubree for this episode as her story felt so similar to mine, just in a different industry. We had our kids at the same time and decided to make the leap after our second, so I resonated with so many of the thoughts, doubts and challenges she brought […]

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

April 13, 2021

Episode 12: How a Teacher Became a Virtual Assistant, and Now Leads Other Freelancers to Success!

Fear – it’s a heavy word and can be completely crippling emotionally, socially and professionally. Just typing this out, I’m starting to mental note things I am weary about in my day to day! Today I will dive into a fear phase that everyone has felt towards the beginning of something new (whether it is […]

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

March 9, 2021

Episode 7: How to move past fear when starting something new

Anyone else feel like they keep seeing these beautiful before and after organization photos, shows and videos, then immediately get the urge to do it all yourself? Somehow the idea of doing it sounds great, yet, I’ve never made much progress. BUT, after talking to today’s guest, Jessica Luck, founder of Inspiring Organization, I finally […]

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

March 2, 2021

Episode 06: From County Government Employee to Professional Organizer