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There are some people who you meet and you realize that they are doing EXACTLY what they were meant to be doing!Kathy Bartelloni started Evolv Hol, providing integrative health tools to support women, mind, body and soul after years of previously professional lives. She dives into how her life has had some crazy pivots and […]

Ep. 42: Becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner, with Kathy Bartelloni

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

November 2, 2021

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Bringing another amazing human, mother and entrepreneur to you all for today’s episode! Heather Greco is the founder of Chaos N Cookies, where she helps business owners increase their efficiency and social media impact through her organizational and automation skills, Her main goal is to make sure you are working smarter, not harder! Heather talks […]

Ep. 39: Keeping Moms From Crumbling, with Heather Greco

Amidst The Chaos Podcast

October 14, 2021

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