A Golden Hour Session Full of Glow | Sandy Spring, MD

December 29, 2020

While I am a photographer based in Northern Virginia, I’m so close that this family session in Sandy Spring was just a hop, skip, and jump away! This SWEET family was actually gifted a session by mama’s coworkers when their sweet baby girl was born right after the pandemic. This perfect little girl was a DREAM for this 6 month(ish) fall family session, and I am SO excited for you to see!

If you’re wondering why I recommend the last hour of the day for an outdoor session…. this is exhibit A. Please look no further! The glow of the sun in those last minutes is just heavenly. Photographers – scroll through the gallery below! If you’re looking to achieve something similar, I have a great resource for you at the end!

Photographers! Or even those of you using your iphones! Are you having a hard time working with golden hour light? You hear everyone talk about how it’s the best time to shoot, but you can’t seem to get the colors just right, or you don’t know how to make sure your photos are crisp, clean, and without haze?! That’s how I felt for a while, too, until I learned these CLUTCH tricks. Subscribe below to receive my top 3 tips for harnessing golden hour!

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