A Motherhood Event… In February! | DGP Studio, Falls Church, Virginia

May 9, 2020

There are very few times in life that you get to say, oh my GOSH, I am SO happy I didn’t wait to do XYZ.

When I first had the inspiration for my Motherhood Appreciation Event to welcome all my 2019 clients to come see my new studio, I really didn’t have an excuse for having the event in February. MOST motherhood photographers hold motherhood events in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. While that sounds amazing and could be an idea for the future, I wanted to take advantage of my new studio in the cold, winter months, and thank my amazing clients from last year for all their support.

Welp, thanks to COVID-19, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “GOSHHHH I am so thrilled we did that MONTHS before Mother’s Day!” Now, these mamas have these professional photos to look back on over this weekend that’s all about them.

We had 15 mamas come to the house to try on my dresses from my new client wardrobe, have some snacks, meet my best friends, and take some photos of them and their sweet babies. I was blown away at how all these tiny humans had grown since seeing them last, and was so thrilled to be able to document yet another phase of their quickly-passing littleness. I just love them all so much and am so grateful for all the families that have been a part of my journey.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend, mamas! Your contributions to your family are so important and, even if you don’t always feel it, are recognized. Not just by your husbands (and definitely not by your babies yet lol), but by all the other mamas in shoes similar to yours. Thank you for being part of my tribe.

from one nursing mama to another… I LOVE this. Like LOVE.

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