A Very Personal Fresh 48 | Alexandria, Virginia

October 3, 2019

I choked back tears this entire session.

Yes, I am aware that is a little unprofessional, but I will NOT apologize for just loving this family so hard that my eyes broke. It’s not my fault… I mean do you SEE them?! Plus, mama is my best friend of 10+ years, and dad is a’ight too.

…just kidding. He and my husband are just about as inseparable as mom and I are. Combine all this with the fact that baby M was born 364 days after my big boi Grady man… UGH just all the love here.

This fresh 48 session at INOVA Alexandria was just as sweet as it looks. Baby M just snoozed and was happy to be here in the world! We are so happy she’s here and were so surprised that she was a she!

oh whoops how did this get in here LOL

If you want to check out this baby as a bump, see their maternity session here!

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