The Freshest of Fresh 48s at Fairfax Hospital | Fairfax Virginia

True Life Confession: This session made me want to have another baby.

…and we are done having babies. But oh man, what I would give to go back and have a Fresh 48 session for both of my babies. I feel like it was such a blur, and I wish I had known then that I could have images like this instead of my cell phone photos. Don’t get me wrong, I CHERISH those, but this is another level of amazing.

Plus, this is my neice! My husband and his brother are best friends, and when Tommy found Mo I knew he’d found my future best friend. And then they got married and made a baby. And my heart has exploded for MY babies who now have a built in best friend, just like I did.

This session was pretty quick – I was there less than an hour! It’s so easy and fast to capture what we need to, but work it around the baby and nurses’ schedules. I hung out in the hall for 10 minutes before I even got to meet her… and didn’t even know if she was a she or he yet!!

Dad gave Mom this heartbeat necklace on her first birthday that they were a couple. She was a nurse in a cardiac department at the time! So special.

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